Monday, December 28, 2009

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So my holidays were lovely, which is always a great thing. I got to see friends and family alike, had some very emotional moments and reconciled some differences. All in all, it was wonderful.

I am going to be doing my very first art show in January. I am nervous as all hell - I am the only crafter amongst a group of very talented fine artists. Hopefully, my stuff will sell =)

I have been brain storming on what to make. I took the majority of my knitted items off my etsy shop since they're photographed poorly. I figure that will give me a head start. I also made a lovely electric blue cowl this weekend. I am working on a black and pink and grey one for myself. I tried knitting in the round again, and I still absolutely hate it!!! I think it's the one thing that I can not stand doing at all what so ever. ugh!

I will post photos soon.


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